Diabetic Food Boxes Help High-Risk Ohioans

Author : CareSource

Nov 1st, 2013 | by CareSource

Research indicates lifestyle changes of diet are extremely important for people who have diabetic indicators. Those who are at a high-risk for diabetes can still enjoy a wide-variety of food, but it’s essential that their meals are well-balanced and contain the right amount of carbohydrates – that takes practice and planning.

To help members stay on track and make informed choices, CareSource is providing Diabetic Food Boxes to members in more than 30 Ohio Counties. The goal is to educate and build relationships with members who have been diagnosed and are high-risk.

Contents include:

  • Creamy peanut butter
  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat spaghetti noodles
  • Vegetables (canned low-sodium carrots, tomatoes and mixed vegetables)
  • Fruits (unsweetened applesauce and mandarin oranges)
  • Dry pinto beans
  • Cornflakes
  • Chunk chicken


When coupled with exercise and the right medications, those who are at a higher risk for diabetes can thrive.

The CareSource Diabetic Food Box program is made possible through a $140,000 two-year grant from the CareSource Foundation to The Dayton Foodbank Inc. The Foundation generously supports nonprofit organizations that share its mission of advancing the health and well-being of underserved people in the communities they serve by providing innovative solutions and funding to address health care needs.

More Information

If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, visit the American Diabetics Association website for delicious recipes, treatment in care and health insurance options.

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Unexpected Rewards

Author : CareSource

Aug 9th, 2013 | by CareSource

CareSource employees are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to our members, but we’re also committed to our own health. Employees participated in a competition between departments recently to see what team could earn the most Vitality points. The Vitality program rewards participants for making healthy choices in their lives and gives them points for activities such as going in for your yearly physical or walking a certain number of steps in a day.

Our employees are a competitive bunch, and over three months collectively racked up more than 1.2 million points! These points represent a lot of individual goals met, appointments made, and hundreds of thousands of steps taken. Most of all these points prove our employees are making a conscious decision to take care of themselves.

One employee, Jake, shared his story and it really helps to see all the value the program brought to our employees lives.  Not only did the program allow Jake to become more active, but it also gave him something to bond over with his co-workers and helped keep his work-life balance in check. 

“Although I did lose inches and drop pant sizes while participating in the Vitality program, that wasn’t the biggest takeaway from my experience.   Some of the unintentional side effects had an even larger impact on my life. When I started the Vitality program, I started it like most others … begrudgingly. As I got involved more and more in the program I noticed some side effects that went beyond a healthier lifestyle.  I noticed that I was introduced into a sub-culture of CareSource, a group of people who were going through the same steps and classes I was. Discussions revolved around how many steps you got in the day before and what you had done to get those steps. It really started to build friendships and camaraderie across department lines. But, the biggest and most unexpected benefit was that it really helped me to gain a work-life balance. 

Like many other folks with young kids, a balance of work and life is not very easy to obtain. You get up early to drop the kids at day care, work all day, pick the kids up, eat dinner, get the kids ready for bed, clean up, and then flop down to watch a littleTV, and go to bed. What started to change is that I became obsessed with getting my steps in so that I would have something to talk about at the office the next day. I don’t like to be the one with the fewest steps. 

Well, that meant I needed to walk on my time at home.  In order to get that done I had to drag the kids along; I dreaded it. I wanted to walk fast so I could get in a good workout,but they could never keep up.  I decided I would put them on their bikes. THEY LOVED IT! It became our daily thing. They got to ride their bikes and I got to exercise. A true win-win.  Not only was I getting my steps in, but I was also able to enjoy quality time with my family. 

It is now to the point where my kids are asking me how many steps I got in and if I need to get more in for the day.  Talk about accountability! Try having your kids asking you if you are going to walk every day.

I am truly grateful for this program as it has helped me to achieve something I was not able to find on my own, quality time with my kids.”

You don’t have to be an employee to reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle. Making healthy choices is the first step to living a healthy life. We have great resources on  to get you started including healthy recipes to incorporate into your daily life and tips for staying active. We know if you try it, you won’t regret it!

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Named National Top Workplace

Author : CareSource

Feb 5th, 2013 | by CareSource

We are honored to be ranked #81 nationwide among 872 organizations with more than 1,000 employees on WorkplaceDynamics National Top Workplaces list. The list was then narrowed down to the top 150 companies nationwide.

We are one of only two Dayton businesses that made the list. This is a testament to the culture and commitment we have developed. We are a Top Workplace for many reasons, but the main reason is our employees’ dedication to go the extra mile for our members and live our mission every day.
For the last two years, CareSource has participated in the Dayton Daily News and Springfield News-Sun’s Top Workplaces program and this year ranked second in the large business category list. Pamela Morris was also recognized for her leadership as a result of high employee survey scores. View the entire list.
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Employees Step Up to Help Ohio Kids

Author : CareSource

Dec 31st, 2012 | by CareSource

As part of our annual employee Holiday Giving Tree, we recently coordinated the donation of more than 1,000 shoes and socks to three Ohio non-profits – Shoes 4 the Shoeless in Dayton, YWCA Emergency Shelter in Columbus and Shoes and Clothes for Kids in Cleveland.Boy receives new shoes

According to our Foundation Director, Cathy Ponitz, “Our employees are some of the most giving individuals I have ever seen. Whenever we identify a need, they always step up to help. This is an amazing accomplishment—especially at such a busy time of year.”

A majority of low-income and homeless children in Ohio do not have shoes that properly fit. Many are well-worn and provide insufficient protection from the weather.

Kris Horlacher, Executive Director of Shoes 4 the Shoeless explains, “Most people have no idea that this need even exists. In fact, they are shocked. Not only do we constantly see kids that don’t have the proper shoes to protect them from the weather, but we also see the unnecessary physical and emotional distress that is brought on from wearing socks and shoes that don’t fit or are not fit to wear. Our goal is simple, to provide new gym shoes and socks to children in desperate need. Organizations like CareSource help us do just that.”

Since 2010, approximately 11,000 Dayton area children have received new gym shoes and socks from Shoes 4 the Shoeless.

Earlier this year Shoes 4 the Shoeless was the recipient of a $10,000 grant through the CareSource Foundation’s People’s Choice Grants program. Each quarter, the Foundation contributes $10,000 to one nonprofit organization that is nominated and voted on by CareSource employees.

Thank you to all of our employees for helping such a worthy cause and making a difference every day. Have a blessed 2013.

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Author : CareSource

Nov 2nd, 2012 | by CareSource

Every quarter, we hold All Staff meetings to provide news and updates to our employees. Our most recent meeting was one to remember. To kick it off - in the spirit of Halloween - 20 of our employees volunteered to do the Thriller dance to open the meeting. Our internal communications team held weekly rehearsals to get them ready, but they had to keep it a secret until October 31. It was a huge undertaking.

The crowd cheered with suprise as they entered the stage. People are still talking about it and now want to do a “jig” at every All Staff. CareSource is certainly a great place to work.

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Interns’ Reflection

Author : CareSource

Jul 31st, 2012 | by CareSource

By Mary Good and Elizabeth Stevens, CareSource interns

During the first few days as interns, we learned that CareSource not only “talked the talk” about serving others but would also have us (interns) “walk the walk” in terms of giving back to the community.  On Friday, July 13, we experienced CareSource’s values in action through a Community Day event with two local organizations – Clothes that Work and the Ronald McDonald House Charities – Miami Valley Region.

Four interns – Kevin Andrisek, Aaron Cyr, Mary Good, and Daniell Ross – helped at Clothes that Work. Since 1998, Clothes that Work has been providing Montgomery County residents with professional consultation and business interview attire for customers who have been referred by other not-for-profit organizations. The interns had two projects – organize the out of season clothing by size and category in warehouse and style the mannequins in the storefront.

Aaron Cyr commented on the day, “I’d say my favorite part was getting to see great people in our community who are trying to make a difference.”

Kevin said, “It was great to have an opportunity to help out in the community. I had a lot of fun working with the individuals at Clothes That Work and I will make sure to do volunteer work in the near future.”

Daniell explained, “I was able to use what I learned from my etiquette training to help make appropriate interview outfits that people can come in and either select or use to reference when finding their own outfit.”

The other six interns – Charlie Peppler, Carl Peyton, Lauren Piero, Joe Rowland, David Southam and Elizabeth Stevens – had the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. They contributed to the organization by cleaning, organizing supplies, stocking items in the full-service kitchen, and preparing for the upcoming golf outing and silent auction. 

Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides housing for families so they can stay near by their hospitalized child at little or no cost. The first Ronald McDonald House opened in Philadelphia in 1974. Now, there are over 300 chapters around the world.

“I learned a lot about the organization and was able to put my work skills toward a noble cause while enjoying the company of my fellow interns,” explained Carl.

David added, “It was a great experience not only working with the fellow interns at CareSource, but working with them for a good cause in our local community. During our trip we saw the important role the Ronald McDonald House plays in families’ lives, in giving them a place of comfort in a time of need.  It was satisfying to know our time helped out the volunteers and the people staying there. Though our contribution may have been small, I hope we left a footprint of not only ourselves, but the CareSource family.”

From day one of the internship experience people emphasized the importance of embodying the mission and vision of CareSource. Not only was the afternoon a great opportunity to serve, it was refreshing to see CareSource feel so strongly about making sure employees understood the culture to serve and the importance of valuing the culture beyond just the office.

Lauren summed up the day’s experience, “One thing I learned is the impact that organizations working alongside CareSource can have on the lives of our members. The love and support that Ronald McDonald House provides directly affects the health and wellness of our members. It’s empowering and reinforces the fact that as interns we do have the opportunity to make a difference while we are here at CareSource.”

Find out what Clothes that Work and the Ronald McDonald House do every day by following them on Facebook.

CareSource partners with Wright State University to employee interns every summer to gain real-world experience.

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