A Conversation with Pam Morris, President & CEO of OurCareSource

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Oct 19th, 2015 | by CareSource

August 9, 2015

Pam Morris, President & CEO of OurCareSource, speaks with Ron Rollins (Dayton Daily News – Ideas & Voices) about the OurCareSource beginnings and the impact of Medicaid after five decades.

What has been the impact of Medicaid after 50 years?

This summer, the federal health-insurance programs Medicaid — which covers poor and low-income people — and Medicare — which covers Americans over 65 who’ve paid into the system — turned 50 years old. It seemed like a good time to check in with Pamela Morris, the founder, president and CEO of CareSource, the Dayton-based health-insurance company that is one of the country’s largest managed Medicaid plans. We interviewed her in the company’s downtown headquarters building. — Ron Rollins

Q: Certainly, most people around here have heard of CareSource, but it’s a large and complex business — can you start us off with your shorthand description of the organization and what you’re about?

A: Well, we’re currently celebrating the fact that Medicaid is 50 years old this year, and it really is the foundation for what we are. CareSource is a nonprofit, consumer-focused health plan, serving primarily low-income populations, but also Medicare consumers. The Medicare customers we have are primarily low-income seniors who get Social Security but also qualify for what we call “wraparound” Medicaid benefits. Most of the members we serve in our health plan are children; uninsured, low-income adults; and seniors. Our roots are in the community — dating back to the formation of what was then the Dayton Area Health Plan in the 1980s, when local leaders came together in a community task force to look at better ways to provide health care to low-income populations, primarily using Medicaid. Long story short, we got funding from the state and built this concept to a community-based non-profit led by a board of trustees in 1985.

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